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We chose our brand name from the most precious stone "DIAMOND" created by all the energy of the world.

We reflected our power and energy to our name…

With this power;

You will hear that your heartbeats are accelerating,

You will prove that your body and… VIEW


Our training pool is 16.5 meters in length and 165 cm in depth and it consists of 4 lanes. There is also a small pool that is 12 meters in length and 140 cm in depth. In addition, we have a jacuzzi at the temperature of 38 degrees which is open only for the usage of our members over 13 years old. 

Our pool is cleaned with a 24-hour continuous circulation system and fresh water reinforcement is performed twice a week on a regular basis by our pool operator. At the same time, daily chemical values and pool temperature are regularly checked. Our pool maintains hygiene with minimum chemical use thanks to the ionization technology.

Our pools are monitored by the teams of the ministry of health on a monthly basis and are maintained at a temperature allowed by the ministry of health, i.e. between 26 and 28 degrees.



Depending on your wishes and goals, our expert trainer group shall ensure that you get the best results by updating your programs to be prepared after the dietician measurement every 6 weeks.

If you want to become tighter, burn fat and have fun, you can join our group activities held for almost 50 hours per week. We are making the difference of spinning with Pilates, yoga, Latin dances, stretching and many other group trainings.

In our facility we have two swimming pools that are hygienic with an ionization system that is much more hygienic than the chlorination system, as well as a child care unit that is for children between 0-13 years old, where families can leave their children safely while doing sports.



Pamper your body and soul with Joya SPA ...

The intense tempo of the big city, the stress and tiredness of your business life ... We are close at any moment you want to feel good between all these chases. Joya SPA is waiting for you with its distinguished service that you will receive with its expert staff. We offer a bodily and spiritual therapy environment for our guests. You will feel privileged with our professional team for healthy service. Sauna, steam, jacuzzi, Turkish hammam (Turkish bath), massages, skin care, body care and most of them will be found at Joya Health & Life Club.

And, “Magic Touch", which we created with Joya brand, you will love it most.

Skin and Personal Care BODY CARE MASSAGES


Nutrition programs should be personal. Your nutrition program, which is prepared by your dietician for you, is prepared weekly in accordance with your exercise program according to your needs. The dietary programs that you chose are monitored weekly to closely monitor your body fat - muscle ratios. In order to achieve the ideal weight, ideal calories are provided every week in your diet program. Please contact us for detailed diet packs.



Kids Club is open from 09:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and weekends. Children between the ages of 0 and 13 are having a good time in company with specialist trainers while you work out.

On weekends, the gymnastics and yoga training is provided for the development of children.



If you are tired of stereotypical promotions like "Why should you take a PT," "Why should you work with a private trainer", then listen to it from us.

If you get PT on Joya

You can increase the quality of your work out and make the biomechanics of the movement complete. It is not only a private training course but also a doctrine.